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Jaclyn Albin, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Pediatrics | Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
  • Leaders in Clinical Excellence Rising Star Award
“There’s room at the table for everyone to thrive.”

Early Influences

Jaclyn Albin, M.D., was the first member of her family to enter the medical field. “I did not even realize all the possibilities and opportunities within the STEMM fields until I became immersed in the journey,” said Dr. Albin.

“It can feel overwhelming when you sense that you may be behind others with more preparation or awareness, but it’s vital to keep taking the next step, to persevere, and to walk through the open doors.” 

Community Advocate

Today, Dr. Albin is “a primary care physician, an educator, and a pioneer in the field of Culinary Medicine.” Specifically, she said, “I study and teach the role that food plays in our health, and I'm particularly passionate about ensuring people have access to nourishing food and know how to prepare it in a way that is delicious!” She has been touted as a compassionate advocate for patients, trainees, and the community at large.

“I seek to be a bridge-builder between the health care sector and the rest of our community, bringing people together over the common love for food. Food can prevent and reduce disease, can promote connection to others, and can support our appreciation and respect for a common humanity.” 

Next Generation of Women in STEMM

Dr. Albin is honored to be recognized by the Celebrating Breakthroughs Together Project, believing that it “serves as a reminder that there is space at the table for each of us to identify our passions, work together to solve problems, and support one another on the journey.” She heralds the fact that “women in STEMM love to collaborate and to celebrate,” as one of the most fulfilling parts of being a woman in medicine. “We will face unique challenges as women. We must keep believing that we can do more than just survive – we can thrive when we do so together,” she said.

Her advice to the next generation of women is threefold.

“I want to encourage girls and women to consistently do three things: 1) bring your best to every situation; 2) make connections with people, learning whatever they may have to teach or share; and 3) stay true to yourself – you can grow and evolve in your approach but must ultimately find a path that feels authentic to you.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“A vocation in science and medicine is unique because it is always pushing us toward betterment,” she said. “We hope to solve problems, sometimes for individual patients and other times for society as a whole. We strive to innovate, believing that there is often a better way forward. Finally, we strive to connect and to grow, always applying intellectual rigor to our work that is ultimately people centric.”

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