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Carolyn Bradley-Guidry, DrPH, M.P.A.S.

  • Associate Professor, School of Health Professions - Physician Assistant Studies
  • Associate Dean Student Affairs and Engagement
  • Distinguished Teaching Professor
Carolyn Bradley-Guidry, DrPH, M.P.A.S.
“Fact Over Fear, You Deserve to be Here.”

Contributions to STEMM

As an educator, Dr. Bradley-Guidry serves as Associate Professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.

"I teach students how to think critically, assess patients, and become outstanding, culturally competent health care providers.”

Early Influences

Dr. Bradley-Guidry credits her career in STEMM to persistence and hard work. In her early years, “I studied hard, believed in myself, and was surrounded with a positive support system of family, friends, and colleagues."

"I learned to never accept NO as the final answer.”

Overcoming Challenges

“Over the course of my career I have experienced a great deal of challenges, wins, setbacks, and accomplishments,” Dr. Bradley-Guidry recalled. “My education began at a community college as a first-generation college student. My first health care job was as a medical assistant. I have since earned four degrees (two bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate). My experiences taught me that all things are possible, one step at time.”

Advice to the Next Generation

“My advice to young girls and women is to establish a solid support system and believe in yourself! Young girls and women should believe they can make a difference; believe they deserve to be in STEMM careers; and believe they can accomplish whatever they set out to do.”

Dr. Bradley-Guidry acknowledged that “life has obstacles, challenges, and setbacks. Find a way to navigate around and through them. It does not matter how many ‘no's’ you receive, all it takes is one ‘yes,’ one opportunity!”

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