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Cecelia Brewington, M.D., M.B.A.

  • Professor, Radiology
  • Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
  • Chief of Community Radiology
  • Leaders in Clinical Excellence Institutional Service Award
“Embrace change and stay flexible in life and your career. Flexibility allows one to make the most of every iteration.”

Contributions to STEMM

As Vice Chair of Clinical Operations for the Department of Radiology, Dr. Brewington “oversees the clinical workflow operations of physician radiologists as they provide diagnostic interpretations of radiology exams and as they provide therapeutic radiology interventions for patients. The workflow logistics also include how the radiologists cover the hospitals and clinics to provide inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room services,” she said.

Administratively, “I also work with the chair and the department business manager in the oversight and strategic planning for our growing department business aspects. The goal is to optimize UT Southwestern’s tripartite mission in providing excellent clinical service, excellence in teaching, and excellence in research,” Dr. Brewington said.

Early Influences

“My interest initially came from a desire to solve the mysteries of science to help a family member’s illness,” Dr. Brewington said. It was here that she “realized that I had a talent for STEMM-related activities.” Dr. Brewington recalled that she “didn't really have a mentor until medical school. Instead, I was encouraged by my family to reach for my goals. Families can play a big role in young girls pursuing STEMM-related careers.”

Dr. Brewington advises the next generation of women in STEMM to “set your goals and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Then, create a strategy to overcome your weaknesses to achieve your goal and expand your strengths,” she said. “Don’t let others determine what you can or cannot achieve. There is always a path forward if you want it.”

Taking Risks

As a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Brewington said she “did not have the guidance to get to a career in medicine. As such, I felt the safe route was to have a backup plan. I majored in nursing but took the pre-med science courses during college. This allowed me to have a career when I graduated if I didn’t get into medical school. My initial MCAT scores were not high enough as I had no prep or guidance,” she said. “I took it again with higher scores. The lesson I learned is that persistence matters. Staying focused on one’s goal with hard work can get you to the finish line.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“I like the variety of intellectual stimulations that each day, month, and year bring in practicing medicine at an academic institution. I am also able to play a role in shaping the future design of UT Southwestern’s clinical sites to build an expanding medical center of excellence in caring for patients at some of their most vulnerable of times.”

Dr. Brewington sees her participation in the Celebrating Breakthroughs Together Project as an honor.

“This celebration is a recognition of multifaceted contributions women have made in making UT Southwestern a success in meeting the vision of excellence. I am happy to serve as a representative of the many women who have contributed. After all, each success has been a team effort and not just the reflection of any one individual.”

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