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Kara Goss, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - Pediatrics
  • Texas Health Resources Clinical Scholar
“Enjoy the journey and the destination is always beautiful.”

Contributions to STEMM

As a pulmonologist, Dr. Goss takes care of patients with lung diseases. In the Goss lab, “I study the long-term effects of preterm birth on the heart and the lungs. Roughly 10% of all live births are preterm (less than 37 weeks). Remarkable improvements in neonatal care during the 1980s led to significant improvements in survival for those born moderately to extremely preterm birth (i.e., less than 32 weeks),” she said. “Thus, we have the first generation of extreme preterm birth survivors now reaching their 40s. As adults, they are at increased risk for high blood pressure, heart disease including heart failure, and lung diseases that mimic asthma or COPD.” In her position, Dr. Goss values the opportunity to “collaborate with diverse groups of patients, clinicians, and researchers.”

Early Influences

“When I broke my arm at age 5, I was inspired by the ER nurses and physicians who showed me my fracture and casted my arm. Then in third grade, my science teacher made human physiology come alive.”

These impactful experiences paved the way for her career in medicine. “I was hooked and wanted to be a doctor ever since,” Dr. Goss said.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite this early interest in medicine, Dr. Goss still grapples with the challenge of accepting change throughout her career. “Even though I knew I wanted to be a doctor from a young age, my career now looks very different from what I thought it would. In the end, I realized that I was uniquely positioned as a physician to answer research questions that few were asking but potentially affect a significant population.” Her advice to the next generation of women in STEMM is to:

“Set your goals high and work hard to achieve them, but don't be afraid to change your goals. Maybe it's a change in your interests or your home life, but it's OK to take a new direction.” 

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