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Angelica Marin Hill, M.B.A.

  • Vice President, Government Affairs and Policy
Angelica Marin Hill, M.B.A.
“Find your passion, grow from mistakes, don’t give up and you will find your success and joy.”

Contributions to Administration

Ms. Marin Hill “represents UT Southwestern as she interacts with the Texas legislature, U.S. Congress, and State and Federal agencies.” She helps to “secure public funding and a policy and regulatory environment that supports our tripartite institutional mission of education, research, and patient care,” she said.

“Government Affairs in general is an administrative function that remains a bit of mystery to many, but at an academic medical center and especially at UT Southwestern, it helped me marry my passions for public service, policy, and finance – a trifecta for me!”

Early Influences

“Early in life, I thought I was destined for a career in health care or the sciences, but as I experienced even the tip of the iceberg through internships and other exposure, I found that I was not as passionate about the work as I thought I should be for a lifelong commitment,” Ms. Marin Hill recalled. “At the same, I was exposed to public policy as a field and through a path of discovery to learn more about the profession, I landed a job in our state capitol with the Texas Senate Finance Committee. There, I learned first-hand from seasoned policymakers and expert legislative staff that budget often sets policy.”

This experience allowed her to “remain passionate about supporting the health care and research professions that advance care for all patients and became exposed to what, to me, became the more exciting aspect – the funding of missions and setting of the policy, rules, and regulations to make it all go.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

Ms. Marin Hill became aware of UT Southwestern and its institutional reputation of excellence in her time working in the Texas Capitol. "I had the opportunity to meet and work closely with our former UT Southwestern President and my predecessor, who established the Office for Government Affairs and Policy,” she said. Later, in her legislative budget and policy analyst role, "I was aware of the excellence of UT Southwestern and had the highest respect for its leadership and those who represented our institution. Perhaps because I was young – and in a period of self-discovery for my own career – I did not hesitate to probe our institution's requests for state support, ask hard questions, and provide feedback on how they could be improved.”

UT Southwestern leaders took notice of Ms. Marin Hill’s thoroughness, eventually “recruiting me to help represent our institution. I came to campus in 2004 with expertise in how to develop and get public financing and policy adopted and a great sense of how to tell a compelling story in the fashion that elected officials and policymakers need. Once here, I set my mind to learning everything I could about how UT Southwestern delivers in human and economic terms on public trust and investment to help develop and inform our requests.” 

Advice to the Next Generation

“Eighteen years into my career here, I continue to learn something new every day about the work our campus community does and what we accomplish in education, research, and patient care. My willingness to dive in and learn and my ability to develop our Medical Center’s requests and ‘story’ help me lead our Government Affairs office.”

Based on her experience, Dr. Marin Hill’s advice to young girls and women would be to:

"Pursue your interests, probe how things are done and presented in the field, and don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions – at the very least, you will learn.”

“With commitment and hard work, you can have an impact and change anything from a project or even an entire discipline for the better!”

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