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Kimberly Kho, M.D., M.P.H., MSCS

  • Associate Professor, Director, Associate Chief; Helen J. and Robert S. Strauss and Diana K and Richard C. Strauss Chair in Women’s Health
  • Lowe Foundation Center for Women’s Preventative Health Care Endowment
“I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.”

Early Influences

Kimberly Kho, M.D., saw a career in medicine as a continuation of her mother’s dream. “My mother wanted to be a physician, and though she was accepted into medical school, her conservative father would not support her attending,” said Dr. Kho.

“She gave me a passion for the natural world and science, and a lot of fire in my belly to advocate for the underdog.” 

Worldwide Inspiration

Dr. Kho credits her travel experience as another source of inspiration. “In my travels around the world, to developing countries where my parents were from, the public health infrastructure is so underfunded. This is evident in poor health outcomes,” she said.

“These experiences, as well as training at county hospitals, inspired me to pursue a career marrying medicine, public health, and research to advance women’s health and equity in care.”

Advocacy as a Clinician

Her clinical focus homes in on nonsurgical and minimally invasive solutions to benign gynecologic disorders. “I teach and practice gynecology and minimally invasive surgery for common, but sometimes complex, conditions like uterine fibroids, adenomyosis and endometriosis. 

As an advocate for women’s health, Dr. Kho leads her practice in providing holistic solutions to fibroids, heavy menstrual cycles, and other common gynecologic issues that many women have long been made to suffer in silence. She hopes to eradicate the stigma around women’s health that sees many women live in ongoing pain.

“Disparities in medical care include race and socioeconomic class, but I think we often forget that gender is also a construct around which we see significant health care disparities. Because so much in women’s health is undervalued, as evidenced by lower reimbursements and lower rates of research funding, my job is also one of advocacy.”

Work-Life Balance

Outside of UT Southwestern, Dr. Kho makes time for her favorite hobbies. “I love being outdoors. Just breathing in fresh air, feeling the sun on my face, and hearing my own heartbeat as we hike or bike up a mountain – it’s when I feel the most alive,” she said. “All the better if I’m outside with my family and friends.” Her other hobbies include yoga, traveling the world, exploring new cuisines, and hip-hop dance classes.

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