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Megan Maxwell, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Management
  • Leaders in Clinical Excellence Rising Star Award
Megan Maxwell
“My job brings me fulfillment and purpose, but my family and friends bring me the ultimate happiness.”

Contributions to STEMM

As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Maxwell take cares of patients while they undergo a variety of surgical procedures. “I meet with each patient before surgery to discuss their full medical history so that I can develop the anesthesia plan safest for them,” she said. “On the day of surgery, I discuss the anesthesia plan with the patient and the family and help alleviate any anxiety they may feel. I then monitor the patient closely as I put them to sleep for surgery start and wake them up when surgery is complete.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“Few things give me more joy than alleviating pain for patients: whether during surgery or during childbirth.”

Dr. Maxwell said of her favorite aspect of her role at UT Southwestern. “We all endure suffering at various times in our lives, but I am so thankful that I have the skills and opportunity to alleviate episodes of pain and suffering in the lives of my patients.” Her advice to the next generation of women in medicine is to “remember not to let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams!”

Work Life Balance

Outside of her position, Dr. Maxwell “enjoys spending time with my husband and three children” she said. “We like to be outside anytime we can – playing in the yard, going on ‘nature’ walks, or swimming during the Texas summers.”

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