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Angela Mihalic, M.D.

  • Professor, Pediatrics
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Dean of Medical Students
  • UT Distinguished Teaching Professor
  • Piper Professor
“Inspire by example, live to serve, advocate for change.”

Contributions to STEMM

Angela Mihalic, M.D., is a keystone of the UT Southwestern Medical School, serving as Dean of Medical Students and Associate Dean of Student Affairs in addition to her post as Professor of Pediatrics. Dr. Mihalic feels privileged to hold these positions as they that allow her to “interact with bright, inspiring students, residents, and physicians, and to advocate for student services and improvements in the learning environment,” she said.

Early Influences

Her mother, “a first-generation American, born to Italian immigrants,” was a pivotal source of support and inspiration throughout Dr. Mihalic’s formative years.

“She was determined that her six children – of which I was number five – would excel in life. She and my father believed that education was the path to success, and through their combined sacrifice and unrelenting support, assured that all of us completed a minimum of a master’s degree and achieved academically throughout our lives.”

Overcoming Challenges

“During medical school at UT Southwestern, an unexpected situation changed the course of my career. My best friend and fellow classmate was suddenly burdened with the responsibility of caring for her gravely ill mother.” The situation helped Dr. Mihalic discover her proclivity for teaching. “To help my friend stay in school, I assumed the role of tutor to ensure that she kept up. I found that I loved teaching and coaching and was so proud when my friend continued to do well despite the challenges she faced.” 

Commitment as an Educator

Her dedication as an educator has been lauded by the University of Texas System with the Regents' Outstanding Teacher Award in 2014. She was one of nine faculty to be awarded the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award in 2019. “Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of my career as a clinician-educator is having the opportunity to take ideas or interests expressed by learners and develop new educational offerings to allow them and other learners to further their professional growth.”

Dr. Mihalic is excited to maintain a dynamic environment for the student population at UT Southwestern. “With the support of UT Southwestern, I have had the opportunity to develop a database to improve transparency in the residency application process to serve students and advisors across the country. I look forward to future opportunities to address challenges in creative and innovative ways to support our students in pursuing their future professional goals.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“Though there are challenges every day, my career at UT Southwestern has been incredibly rewarding – providing opportunities to care for patients; to interact with bright, inspiring students, residents, and physicians; to develop new initiatives and learning opportunities; to advocate for student services and improvements in the learning environment; and, above all, to remain a lifelong student.”

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