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Ava Pierce, M.D.

  • Professor, Emergency Medicine
  • Associate Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
Ava Pierce, M.D.
“Pursue your dreams; you were born to change the world.”

Contributions to STEMM

Dr. Pierce’s position at UT Southwestern includes clinical, research, and administrative responsibilities. “I am an emergency medicine physician. I treat patients with critical medical illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and infections; and traumatic injuries such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, fractures, and burns,” she said.

“The thing that I like most about emergency medicine is the fact that I can help patients at the most critical time of their illness or injury when they need help the most. I work with an amazing team that collaborates to ensure that the patients will immediately get the best care needed.”

Advocacy Efforts

A committed advocate for diversity and inclusion, Dr. Pierce champions these aspects across all fields of health care. This dedication to building a more diverse workforce is reflected by her professional affiliations. In 2014, Dr. Pierce served as Development Officer for the Academy for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Medicine.

“I have the opportunity to make innovative changes that will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion and improve excellence in health care.”

These efforts enable the “strengthening of a diverse workforce that will provide quality medical care to all.” Additionally, Dr. Pierce participated in the Association of American Medical Colleges Healthcare Executive Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program. She upholds diversity as the pathway to excellence in health care for patients and providers alike.

Dr. Pierce has published many articles examining racial and gender bias within the medical field, reflecting her commitment to providing equal opportunities.

Advice to the Next Generation

Looking to the next generation of women in STEMM, Dr. Pierce “encourages everyone to pursue their dreams, no matter how big those dreams are."

"With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you can achieve your goals.”

She sees her participation in the Celebrating Breakthroughs Together Project as “an exciting opportunity for me to encourage young girls and women to pursue careers in all areas of STEMM.”

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