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Marcia Schneider, M.B.A.

  • Chief Strategy Officer, Health System Strategy and Business Development
  • Vice President
“Focus on what is important and know your ‘why”; commit to a bold destination; see all the possibilities; and know that your perspective and your voice are important.”

Contributions to Administration

As Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Ms. Schneider is the “institutional leader responsible for the strategy and business development of the clinical enterprise. My primary role is to work with institutional and Health System leaders to articulate and advance the clinical vision, develop a road map to reach our future destination, create a playbook of strategic priorities and initiatives, and ensure that the playbook is executed and sustained,” she said.

“In addition to strategy, I am also responsible for business development, which has me looking outside of UT Southwestern to spot, qualify, and implement new growth opportunities – getting new partners, entering new markets, and developing new services,” Ms. Schneider said.

“My work encompasses physicians and hospitals; adult and pediatric care; primary care, specialty care and advanced care; inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and ambulatory care within the UT Southwestern ecosystem and with our partner institutions.”

Early Influences

“I learned early on from my parents to work hard and do my best; have gratitude and enjoy my work; and be humble, honorable, and kind,” Ms. Schneider said. “I took every opportunity to learn. I was taught that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so I did not take any shortcuts.”

Advice to the Next Generation

Drawing from her own experiences, Ms. Schneider advises the next generation to “never lose focus on what is important – be honest and clear on your true north. Asking yourself ‘why’ and understanding ‘purpose’ will be an effective strategic tool to align your heart and mind and to stay focused on what is important. It will provide you with clarity, conviction, and a durable foundation for gratitude,” she said.

Additionally, “know where you are going, and be bold,” Ms. Schneider advised.

“Dedicate time to visualizing your goal. Being fully aware of your goal will allow you to activate all your energy and the necessary faculties to effectively achieve it. With a focus on what is important and a commitment to a destination, anything is possible.”

Lastly, Ms. Schneider counsels aspiring executives to “see the possibilities. To begin something for the first-time means being comfortable with questions and mistakes. It means detaching from one's own presumed importance and predetermined concepts to perceive things in an unbiased way,” she said. “As you mature in your career, always practice having an open mind. Listen carefully and listen to hear rather than dismiss.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“It is a great honor for me to be included,” Ms. Schneider said of her recognition in the Celebrating Breakthroughs Together Project.

“This is a wonderful platform to highlight positive and successful women, women leaders, and present-day pioneers within our institution.”

She also stated that this initiative “provides a positive and meaningful approach to break gender bias, advances gender equality, and supports a shift in cultural attitudes and norms. I applaud the strong, resilient women using their voices and experiences to make the world a more inclusive, understanding place for girls and women to learn, lead, and thrive.”

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