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Julie Trivedi, M.D.

  • Associate Professor, Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine
  • Medical Director of Infection Prevention for UTSW Health System
Julie Trivedi, M.D.
“Don’t say no before you have the opportunity to say yes.”

Contributions to STEMM

Dr. Trivedi is an infectious disease physician who “works with a team of talented people (infection preventionists) whose focus is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our patients and employees by reducing health care associated infections and preventing the transmission of infectious agents such as MRSA, COVID-19, and influenza,” she said.

Dr. Trivedi enjoys the collegiality of her position, which allows her to “partner with nursing staff, physicians and other licensed providers, environmental services, and many others in developing safe processes and protocols for managing central lines, indwelling urinary catheters, surgery, and the hospital water supply. We are also liaisons with the county, state, and federal health departments.”

Early Influences

“My uncle is a cardiologist and I remember wanting to be a doctor even at the age of 10,” Dr. Trivedi said of her early aspirations in medicine. “I really enjoyed my 5th grade science class and read the whole book on the first day of school! Later that year, I was selected into TAG and all through middle and high school really enjoyed science (except chemistry in 10th grade).”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“I really enjoy taking care of our hospitalized patients and having the opportunity to work with trainees and colleagues when I’m on service."

"The COVID-19 pandemic also brought me closer to so many of our employees – staff and faculty. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to answer their questions, address their concerns, and guide them through so much uncertainty.”

Dr. Trivedi said she also “loves mentoring junior faculty, especially women, and guiding them through academia and navigating workplace challenges.”

She sees her recognition in the Celebrating Breakthroughs Together Project as an honor made possible by the outstanding women who came before her. “Women have always served an instrumental role in history and in society – medicine is no exception. Every single woman at UT Southwestern and our partner institutions is paving the way for those who come after us. It is a beautiful thing to see UT Southwestern celebrating women and their contributions to medicine and science, and it is an honor be among those.”

Taking Risks

“I didn’t get into any six- or seven-year combined college-medical school programs like my cousin did,” Dr. Trivedi said.  However, “I went to an Ivy League school instead and had an amazing education.”

While “in medical school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and didn’t match in a program of my choosing for internship/residency. I struggled with that but over the years, I have learned that usually things turn out the way they were meant to."

"I have also realized the importance of my own well-being and taking that into my own hands. I think my biggest challenge was sometimes not diversifying my interests.”

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