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Valla Wilson

  • Vice President Internal Audit
  • Chief Audit Executive
Valla Wilson
“Show up as your authentic self, and be confident that you belong in the room.”

Contributions to Administration

“I provide oversight for the Internal Audit Services Department, which is responsible for conducting audits, investigations and consulting services, and other training services. These services assist management in addressing and managing risks and help identify best practices to help leaders in their roles,” Ms. Wilson said of her responsibilities at UT Southwestern.

Taking Risks

“I have encountered many barriers and setbacks,” Ms. Wilson said of the challenges she has faced.

“Facing barriers caused me to strengthen my skills and become more innovative and flexible. I learned that it is important to ‘tell the story’ so that others will understand your perspective and highlight underlying supporting information to counter the barriers presented."

"It was also important to not complain about the barriers but remain confident and have unshakable faith that you can overcome them and come out stronger on the other side.” She encourages the next generation of women in STEMM to “use the barrier as a bridge to new possibilities.”

The UT Southwestern Difference

“I love meeting and helping other leaders across the institution through providing insights and recommendations as part of committee participation, audits, investigations, and consulting engagements for improving operations, solving problems, and reducing risks,” Ms. Wilson said. “As an internal audit leader, I have a lens into the entire institution and work with many leaders to offer up assistance in addition to providing information on results of reviews. It is a role that is rewarding, as I am continuously learning to keep up with emerging risks and issues faced by a rapidly growing academic medical center.”

Additionally, “I also love being the Executive Sponsor for the African American Employee Business Resource Group. In that role, I mentor African Americans, help deliver programs and services to the group’s members, ultimately seeing career growth and other positive outcomes,” she said.

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